Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank-you StatCounter

Dear StatCounter,

Thank-you so much. I needed the good laugh that you gave me this morning. Yes indeed, I needed it very much. When you told me that someone had found my site by googling "teacher or nurse boobs", I laughed out loud. The dog got scared, as my hackling laughter filled the room, but oh how I needed that good laugh. Imagine the surprise of that special person who was looking to fulfill their fantasies about the lovely bosom of teachers and nurses, when google sent them here.

Then, when you told me that someone else was sent to my site when they googled "bare-assed boys", I really lost it. I love you Stat-Counter. And google for that matter. I need to thank google as well. For indeed, I did write about bare-assed boys here. Not exactly what that strange person had in mind, but yes, I have boys, and oh how they love to be bare-assed.

So thank-you StatCounter, keep up the good work. Your entertainment value is priceless. I love you.

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