Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting Fit? Oh Sh!t!

1st Mistake:
Smoking for the last 16 years. Yes, I know, I never cease to disapoint you.

2nd Mistake:
Doing nothing that could possibly be considered excersise with the exception of carrying my twin boys, which stopped happening 3 yrs. ago.

3rd Mistake:
Going to my dear friend Mama's blog, and getting inspired.

4th Mistake:
Going over to check out the ladies at Operation Skinny Bitch and reading this.

5th Mistake:
Telling my darling fiance that we need to start the couch to 5k program

6th Mistake:
Telling my evil fiance to make me do this no matter what I say in the morning.

So this is my 2nd day.

My first day's excuses?

I have asthma. I can't leave my dog. I am tired. and finally, we didn't do the appropriate amount of the "couch" part of the program.

With the dog, after a puff on the inhaler, and the thought of getting back in bed as soon as we were finished, we set out.

We walked for 2 min. to warm up, and then started. Run for 1 min., walk for 1 min., run for 1 min., walk for 1 min. We did a total of 10 minutes. The first min. I can remember saying "Hasn't that been a minute yet?" and having Rick answer "No, that's only 30 seconds." and then me replying "OH-SHIT!!!" By the 3rd. minute of running though, I realized that the walking part wasn't that far off, and I would be able to catch my breath. The worst part was when we realized that the 2 pit-bulls down the road were NOT CONTAINED!!! The best part was when we finished.

My 2nd day's excuses?

There are 2 pit-bulls down the road. You have to get to work. I need to change my clothes.

So, with prodding from that evil fiance of mine, I changed my clothes, got the dog, and we drove to a new housing development that hasn't actually been developed yet. We did 12 total minutes today. Both of my calves hurt afterward, and so did the spot where my right leg meets my um...lady area. Tomorrow, if he actually makes me do this stupid shit again, I will stretch first.


morewineplease said...

This is very funny! I love it.. and welcome to the OSB!!

Anonymous said...

to funny!! looking forward to reading more of your posts!!Welcome to OSB!

Shan said...

Ha ha, you're actually doing better than I, I have only gotten so far as to download the podcast. Good job & Welcome to OSB! Let's hear the battle cry!
It's On Like Donkey Kong!

Kelly said...

Welcome to OSB!! I've also attempted to do the C25K program...I'm about to sideline due to injury. Anywho, you know you're only supposed to do it 3 times a week, right?! You're torturing yourself un-necessarily if you're doing it everyday...and I'm all about excuses to get out of exercise, but this one is true...