Sunday, September 7, 2008

He Just Might Get It

I had a recent conversation with Jake at Walmart that impressed me. I try to NEVER take all the kids to the store at the same time, because my experience is much like this one, curtesy of the lovely Dawn over at Because I Said So. So I take them 1 or 2 at a time, and they love the "quality time".

Jake asked me if he could get a toy, to which I replied "No Jake, we are not getting any toys today." He proceeded to tell me that when he went to Naz's house, Naz had lots and lots of toys. More than he has. So I took my Mom's advice to take this opportunity as a learning experience. I don't remember why my Mom and I had been talking about this exact topic, oh yeah, now I do. My Mom and I had been talking about the very wealthy girls over at the barn, and how Kyley had recently commented that "Just when you think you have something REALLY cool, someone always has the same thing better than yours." She was referring to her saddle.

So I took my Mom's advice, and this is what I told Jake, to the delight of the older gentleman in the lightbulb isle. "Jake, you are right to feel like that. I'm sure Naz does have more toys than you, and someone will ALWAYS have more toys than you. And then, when you grow up, someone will have a better car than you, and someone will have a bigger house than you. So you need to go ahead and get used to it now." I heard the older gentleman in the lightbulb isle trying to stifle his laughter.

And this is where Jake suprises me. His reply was "I have a lot of toys Mommy. My whole room is full of toys. I don't even play with all my toys." Oh My. The happiness that filled my heart. We went on to talk about the kids who DON"T have a lot of toys, and had a really nice together at Wally world. And then, when it was time to go, Jake didn't even ask for a pack of gum, which he ALWAYS does.

And, have I told you all recently that I LOVE being a Mommy?


Dawn said...

So true! There will always be someone with more. But there will always be someone with less too. It's a good lesson to learn - it's not about material possessions.

doodlebelle said...

I love you and I am so psyched that you came to visit and comment little ol me!!!