Friday, September 12, 2008

YAY!!!! I am officially a member!!!

I have to tell you that I was questioning my acceptance into this club.

I'm not usually a "club" kind of girl. Actually, I've always been a kind of "do your own thing" girl. But I have read the blogs written by these awesome ladies over at Operation Skinny Bitch, and this was a club I really wanted to join.

So, why was I questioning my acceptance? Part of the e-mail I sent to the two Shannon's:

Dear Shan's,

I am wondering if I am allowed to join your club. I question my membership acceptance for two reasons.
1- I am already fairly skinny, and
2- I am definately already a bitch

My goal is not actually to lose weight, but rather to shift it. What kind of excercise will make my belly fat move to my boobs?

Yes, I was worried they wouldn't want me because I'm already a skinny bitch. But guess what? Some skinny bitches need to get in shape too. That's what.

I'm in the club and I feel so COOL!!! And I promise this time, as a club-member, I will not try to influence anybody to drink whiskey with me in the girls locker room.


Mama to a diva said...

Ah whiskey in the locker room! Heidi I love you so!

doodlebelle said...

hehehehe. Wild Turkey and Southern Comfort. Oh the memories.