Monday, September 8, 2008

Trouble in Paradise

Jazmyn is Rainia's best friend. We love Jazmyn, especially Jake, who once said, during a lull in dinner, as he was sitting accross from her staring for a few minutes "KISS ME JAZZY". She of course, was incredibly embarrassed, although I don't know why now that Iv'e had this conversation with Rainia:

Me: Did you have fun at Jazmyn's house?

Rainia: Yes, very much.

Rick: Was that a bebe gun in Jazmyn's hand?

Rainia: Yes, but she was just moving it. She doesn't use it when I'm there. Because I'm afraid of them. She got shot with it once and it hurt really bad.

Rick: Who shot her with the bebe gun?

Rainia: Her ex-boyfriend.

Rick: She's 8 yrs. old, and she's been shot by her ex-boyfriend?

Rainia: No. She's 9.

Rainia and Jazmyn on "Rainia's special day" They were Hannah Montana:

From Doodlebelle

From Doodlebelle

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