Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Great Debate

We have a purebred white german shepard. She is beautiful. She is timid. She is humble. She accepts leadership from all of the kids including the boys. She is quiet. She is well-behaved. I love her.

I would NEVER purchase a purebred dog. There are WAY TOO MANY dogs in shelters throughout this country that don't have a home. There are too many dogs that are euthanized simply because of the overwhelming amount of un-spayed/fixed dogs already in this country. A purebred dog is no better than a mutt, in fact, most health issues with purebreds are eliminated by mixing dogs. Shelter dogs are sweet, shelter dogs are smart, and shelter dogs need a home.

So how did I end up with a gorgeous, snow-white german shepard? She was given to Andrew as a "wish". When he was going through radiation, a kind couple found out through his nurse that white german shepard was his favorite breed, and they gave her to him.

She was 7 wks old, and cute as could be. She is now almost 1 1/2, and still cute as she can be. She is well loved.

Now for the GREAT DEBATE. The sweet love of our lives in now in her 2nd heat. Rick feels that about 6 months from now, when she is in her next heat, we should breed her. Although I am aware that the breeder she is from has full papers, and was selling her for $400, I feel that she should be spayed. Not because I am against the $3200 we would make if she has 8 puppies, but because of the thousands of shelter dogs put to death daily.

I am fully out-voted in this family. Even my vegetarian, animal loving daughter does not see it my way. Not my Mom, not my brother, I have NOBODY seeing how us bringing more purebreds into the world adds to the problem.

Opinions? Please? Even if, like the rest of my family, you disagree with me. Opinions desperately needed.


Anonymous said...

That's a really hard one. I agree with you but I don't know if you'll be able to out vote your entire family!!

doodlebelle said...

I figure since I am the queen doodle my vote should count at least 4 times, but, that would make it 4 to 8. :(

Kyota said...

I completely agree with you (sorry I'm late). So, this would be harsh but maybe you can think of a way to tone it down. Take the kids to a shelter or look at the online shleter pages if your area offers. Let them know that if your dog has eight puppies then there are eight dogs at the shelter that are closer to being euthanized. I'm leaving work in 9 minutes so I can't think well enough now how to make that nicer for little kids.
Maybe you could get them to organize things to donate to the shelter and take them to drop everything off?