Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I can understand him

update on Joshua's speech:

Josh is 5 yrs. and 11 mths. old.

After testing, they placed his vocabulary at 6 yrs. and 7 mths. They figured it by showing him pics, and he had to say the words. They totally missed the things he was good at though. Would they have been impressed if they had shown him every single football helmet in the NFL, and he had told him the name of the team? Or if they had shown him pics of music artists, and he had started singing their songs? Or even parts of the computer. He could have identified the monitor, mouse, keyboard, even a myspace page. Relevance people. Who cares if he doesn't know the word for thermometer. He said it tells you if it's cold or hot outside.

Ok, so his vocab. is 6 yrs., 7 mths, but his actual speech level is 4 yrs., 1 mnth.

Well, I understand him. Can't he just stay with me forever and I will translate for him? Sad to say, I guess that puts him almost exactly 2 yrs. behind his peers. And then he spent the rest of the time working on forming the letter "L" with his toungue, and he couldn't do it, and it was too cute to hear him try so hard.

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